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Wood Tones Rein in 2017

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One big trend developing in interior design is the need to create authentic and sustainable spaces. There is demand for natural materials that add warmth to space and represent an ecological lifestyle. As more people turn to a minimalistic and conscious lifestyle, wood is making a comeback in interior design. The application of natural wood pieces and elements in the home add a new dimension that can be both aesthetic and functional.

Types of Wood

There are several types of wood to help you add an element of nature into your home. Some of the common options you can find easily include:

  • Oak wood comes in red and white, with natural patterns to match both contemporary and classic design elements on furniture and on the floor.
  • Beech wood is strong, versatile and flexible, as seen on banded forms. It comes in a natural yellow or brownish color, adding an element of warmth to your space.
  • Pine wood is an affordable and readily available option, bringing a unique aroma to your space.
  • Cherry wood is a popular option that gets more beautiful with age. While is a little pricey, it lends its rich colors and strength to any space.
  • Walnut comes with rich brown colors, creating great accents for modern and classic spaces. They are also more expensive and available exclusively.
  • Alder wood applied on furniture, windows and doors lend a beautiful golden color to space, while softening the room. It is most suitable to kids rooms and for aesthetic applications, such as decorations.
  • Maple wood comes with both soft and hard types that stain perfectly, making it an affordable option for floors and room furniture.
  • Larch wood comes with a beautiful grain pattern and unique textures: it is moisture resistant, making it suitable for wall structures and exposed ceiling beams for a more dramatic effect.
  • Ash wood features a pale to white color that blends and complements modern d├ęcor elements. It is also strong and durable, with a straight grain, making it perfect for flooring.
  • Birch wood is a more affordable type of hardwood, that comes in white and yellow varieties, you can use for furniture.
  • Mahogany wood creates beautiful doors and furniture, lending its straight grains and deep red hues to produce amazing spaces with an expensive and exclusive look.
  • Poplar wood is an affordable softwood option you can use decoratively, either painted or stained.


While wood adds warmth to your space, you need to consider your options carefully. Once you understand the types of wood available, discuss your budget with your interior designer. If you are new to wood, start with small applications such as beams, cabinet doors, and decorations. Incorporate different textures, grains, and hues to match the overall style of your home. Lighter wood gives a more contemporary look while darker hues give your space a classic finish.

Wood is a fun design element you can experiment with to switch up your space and give it a fresh look. Let the creative juices flow as you add both aesthetic and functional elements into your space. You cannot go wrong with wood.

Interior design in 2017 is about finding inspiration in nature, in an effort to create a space that is environmentally conscious and sustainable. Make sure you work with a team that outsources their wood ethically such as Majestic Home Solutions. They will help you find and install the right wood for your space while ensuring you stay on budget.


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