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Add Texture and Depth to Your Space with Interior Trim

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Interior trim refers to the millwork or frames you use on floors, walls, doors, and ceilings to define and add character to the architecture of a room. Interior trim offers you an affordable way to add flair to a room. Experimenting with different textures, designs and depths for your trims add a charm and architectural flair that is hard to match. Moldings also allow you to install different simple textures in your space, which you can change easily.

There are different ways you can combine textures and depths to transform space:

Molding on Wallpaper

Wallpaper on a single wall can create a focal point in a room and define the d├ęcor of the space. However, in a room where you cover all the walls with wallpaper, your molding can create great contrast with the background creating an amazing visual effect. For example, a bright colored molding against vintage wallpaper creates an interesting contrast that adds a modern twist on a classical background to your space.

Go Deep

Experiment with different depths to add a dramatic flair to your space. Instead of using the traditional lengths when installing your molding, extend it a foot or more upwards to add height to the ceiling, for an illusion of depth. The different varieties of thickness used to complete the wood will add an element of texture, creating an interesting visual to the room.


Paint defines textures; draw attention to the molding by painting the border where the molding meets the ceiling. You can use paint to give your molds texture without changing their structure. Alternatively, you can use paint to define textures and create the illusion of depth.

Alternate Moldings

Switch up your molding by installing a new strip of molding, preferably in a contrasting color, a few inches below the original mold. The new addition creates a sense of depth, especially if the space between the two moldings is noticeably different.


Add little details on your molding such as a pattern you can paint with a different color for an interesting visual. You can use circular patterns or look for inspiration from your favorite destinations around the world.

Alternatively, go big by using faux marble finishes instead of traditional to add dramatic flair to the room. They will give your room a glamorous texture and redefine the architectural style of the entire space.


Interior trims offer you an affordable alternative you can use to experiment with different textures and tones. You can use them in their traditional setting or experiment with different moldings to add an exciting and visually interesting element to space. Contact the team of experts at Majestic Home Solution for a seamless installation of molding that will add the texture and depth you need to complete decorating your space.


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