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5 Tips On How To Save Money On Your Bathroom Remodel

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5 Tips On How To Save Money On Your Bathroom Remodel Majestic Home Solutions

It has been well-known for years that kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most valuable rooms in any house.

When they become outdated, it can really hurt the value of your home.

Not to mention, you won’t be able to get as much enjoyment out of an outdated style bathroom.

Therefore, it is wise to invest in remodeling your bathroom if it feels like its still stuck in the last century.

Unfortunately, remodeling a bathroom can become very expensive very quickly.

Just because bathrooms are one of the most expensive rooms to renovate, doesn’t mean that your bathroom remodel has to leave you penniless.

Here are five ways that you can give your bathroom a beautiful facelift without breaking the bank.

1. Start With A Strategic Plan

Any time that you go into a remodel or construction project without a plan, you are leaving yourself open for a ton of expensive surprises. It is very important that you enlist the help of the proper professionals like a general contractor, architect, interior designer, etc. in order to help you draw up sensible plans for your bathroom.

Make sure that you are very detailed and specific about what you want when you are consulting with the people that you hire to help you draw up these plans and ask them as many questions as you can.

It is important that you are all on the same page from the very beginning, and throughout the entire process if you want to stay on budget.

Don’t forget to let them know that you are trying to conserve funds because the professionals will have valuable suggestions on how you can do that.

2. Keep The Plumbing In Place

One of the most expensive components of most bathroom remodels is the plumbing. You can cut down on your plumbing bill in a big way if you opt to keep the current plumbing where it is.

In other words, if you keep the layout of the bathroom with the toilet, shower, and sink in the same location.

3. Hit Up Some Garage Sales

If you want to give your bathroom a unique look that reflects your taste, you should shop around at your local yard and garage sales for one-of-a-kind pieces you can incorporate. They can be a great place to find a show-stopping new mirror.

Or you may be able to find an old dresser or table that you can convert into your new vanity.

In most cases, this will be far cheaper than buying something new in the hardware store.

4. Opt For Alternatives To Tile

Another one of the most expensive elements in a bathroom remodel is the tile. If you are working on a tight budget, you might want to skip all of the extra tiles and find an alternative material to use instead.

Beadboard and other types of molding can be used as a far more budget-friendly alternative.

For an even more inexpensive (or possibly free) option, you may want to consider using painted or stained pallet wood from leftover or recycled pallets.

5. Try Some D.I.Y.

In most cases, the more that you are willing to roll up your sleeves and do some of the work yourself, the more you will be able to save on the cost of your bathroom remodel.

There are tons of tutorials on the internet to show you how to do just about any project.

Just be careful to leave the complex or dangerous projects to the qualified professionals.
If you are looking for an experienced contractor you can trust, for your bathroom remodel, contact Majestic Home Solutions today.

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