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5 Questions To Ask Before Your Basment Remodel

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5 Questions To Ask Before Your Basment Remodel Majestic Home Solutions

A basement remodel can be an exciting, yet daunting task for any homeowner. A finished basement can be extremely rewarding. But, it can also be a complex, expensive proposition if you do not prepare yourself properly.

Here are five questions to ask yourself before bringing your basement into the domestic fold.

What do I want to do in my basement?

This is, perhaps, the biggest question. This will determine how you proceed.  How you plan to use the space will determine the layout. Do you need additional living space? Do you want a special area to entertain?  Do you add a bathroom? Could you use an extra bedroom when family comes to visit? Do you need a place to workout? The answers will help create the vision for your future finished basement.

Who Will Do The Work?

A basement remodel is not a DIY project. There are building codes that must be met. Who will be doing the work is an important question. You will need electricians, HVAC professionals, plumbers and many others in the building trades to get the job done. An experienced general contractor will be able to properly oversee your project from start to finish. 

What is my budget?

This has to be decided before any contracts are signed.  Basement remodels can be very budget-friendly, but construction costs can easily get out of hand.  Ask your contractor for suggestions. You will need to include the cost of permits and engineering fees. Also, pad your budget with some wiggle room in case of unforeseen expenses and emergencies.

Is my basement wet?

60% of basements are wet, according to the American Society of Home Inspectors.  That moisture can lead to mold and rot if you don’t dry things out before you refinish. Fixing moisture issues before you begin will increase the thermal performance of your insulation, among other benefits. Add a dehumidifier or air conditioner and ensure that you have proper heating and cooling distribution that may mean installing or relocating registers and/or adding cold air returns. The materials you choose for flooring and walls will need to be made of non-organic materials to inhibit mold growth.

How will I access plumbing, electricity, and ductwork?

Moving plumbing and electrical components is a really easy way to increase the costs of your remodel. By incorporating your existing plumbing and electrical sources into your design, you will save thousands of dollars. However, adding a ceiling in your basement will remove your ability to easily get to pipes, wires, and ducts running below your main floor. Options could include a suspended ceiling to allow easy access to utilities along with special access panels for water and gas shutoffs.  

Basement remodeling will add substantial bottom-line value to your home and open up entertainment possibilities that were previously closed to you. Consider discussing your project with a qualified provider, like Majestic Home Solutions.













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