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Modern Lighting Ideas For Your Basement Remodel

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Creating a living space in your basement can open up a world of possibilities for your home.  You could have a game room, a man cave, a family room, a home office, or a bar. The sky is the limit.  No matter what you use it for, your lighting should be carefully considered as an important part of the design. Just because a basement is underground doesn’t mean it needs to feel dark and damp. Poorly lit rooms won’t attract or keep visitors for very long

Recessed Can Lighting

If your remodeled basement has a finished or suspended ceiling, recessed can lighting is a great option. They contribute bright, focused light to just about any area. They’re great for seating, dining, and crafts areas because the down lighting offers bright light while minimizing shadows and glare. They’re also a game-room favorite–the recessed fixtures can’t get hit by pool cues or battered by Ping-Pong balls.

To add to the ambiance, it is important to enhance your recessed lighting with other sources of light. This will eliminate dark spaces, and make your basement feel more inviting.

Track Lighting

Track lighting can be a remodeled basement’s best friend. It is easy to install, doesn’t take up floor or wall space, and is remarkably flexible. Many systems can combine both spot fixtures for accent lighting and pendant or flood fixtures for ambient lighting. Track lighting also allows you to easily change the room lighting when you rearrange the room without having to change the fixtures.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting fixtures drop from the ceiling and hover over an area that needs illumination. But pendants do more than just shed light on a dining table, desk, or sitting area. Their sculptural shapes and glowing colors hang like a functional mobile, defining the space around them. Depending on their design, pendant lights can offer focused task lighting, overall ambient lighting, or colorful accent lighting. Often hung in small groupings, pendants are available in many colors and attractive designs that also add an artistic flair to a room.


Uplighting involves directing a light source at the ceiling instead of horizontally into the room or down toward the floor.  This will help give the illusion of higher ceilings. Sconces can be a great source of uplighting. They produce a soothing, even light without bright glare or harsh shadows. Scones give the illusion of higher ceilings.

Combine Lighting Fixture Types

Many rooms benefit from a combination of lighting fixture types. That’s especially true in basements, where daylight can be scarce to nonexistent. For even illumination, multiple light sources work best. While both track and recessed lighting can be used for general task lighting, office and hobby areas benefit from brighter and more focused illumination provided by task lighting.


Lamps are an easy way to create task lighting as well. They come in a vast array of styles and colors and are easy to place. Another benefit of using lamps is the ease of moving or changing them to reflect the needs of your basement.

Giving careful consideration to your lighting plan in the early stages of your basement remodeling can lead the way toward a bright, productive future for your finished basement project. Majestic Home Solutions can help with lighting solutions for your basement remodel project. Call today for a free consultation. (866) 529-3099.

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