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Ideas For Basement Stairs

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Ideas For Basement Stairs

Now that your basement stairs are finished, it is time to make the most of them. From opening the stairway to create an airy aesthetic to using the space below the stairs for storage, stenciling the stairs and beyond, there are countless ideas for finished basement stairs.

Stencil Your Basement Stairs

You can customize your wood stairs to suit your unique tastes by stenciling them. Use stencils for painted decorations and you will find you and your loved ones appreciate the finished basement stairs that much more. The only caveat is high-gloss finishes and paints have the potential to make the steps slippery.

Open up the Stairway for an Airy Aesthetic

If you are willing to eliminate the door that heads to the basement and open the enclosed stairway, you will enjoy an airy and light entryway. This approach to finished basement stairs makes the basement feel that much more inviting.

Use the Space Beneath the Stairs

Make prudent use of the space beneath your finished basement stairs to maximize your household storage. Stack boxes beneath the stairs or add glass-pane doors to create the impression that it has always been that way. Some homeowners add baskets to shelves for extra storage for sundries that belong in the basement. Even the staircase wall can be used for storage or as a display.

Add Unique Railings or a Balustrade

Balustrades are railings supported with balusters. Balusters are commonly referred to as stair sticks or spindles. This is a molded shaft cut from a square or rectangular plank for additional stability and refined aesthetics. Consider adding stained wood to the balusters to create a pattern that pleases the eye.

Alternatively, you can add a distinct railing to make the finished basement stairs look that much more striking. If style is your main concern, opt for a highly stylized railing. In fact, some homeowners go as far as relying on a metalsmith to create and install a personalized stair rail.

Use the Area Beneath the Stairs as a Display Space

Convert the space below the stairs into a display space for favored items. This idea is especially appealing to those who spend a considerable amount of time in the basement. Some opt to turn this open space into a cabinet that features personal collections. If you opt to add a cabinet beneath the finished basement stairs, wire it for lighting to highlight unique objects.

Add Runners to the Stairs for Enhanced Safety

Adding runners to your stairs will add to the visual dynamic and enhance safety. The runner must be stretched tightly across the risers for optimal traction. Some homeowners add stair clips or rods for a decorative effect after the carpet has been installed. Carpeting will prove especially appealing to homeowners who have already carpeted their basement and upstairs floor that leads to the basement.

Go for a Modern Look With Open Stair Railings and Treads

Open railings and treads give your basement a modern look. Consider using railings of braided cable made with stainless steel to permit low-level views and make the staircase feel that much more open.

Consider Using Several Designs and Materials for a Seamless Transition to the Basement

Do not fall into the trap of leaving your basement stairs completely plain. The materials you select for your basement stairs indicate what is to come. Consider adding a few carpeted stairs toward the bottom to signify the transition between the upstairs to the basement.

If you use your basement as an entertainment space, a wine cellar or for another function beyond laundry, the shift in materials will prove especially effective.

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