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How To Bring Heat Into Your Basement Remodel

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How to bring heat into your basement remodel Majestic Home Solutions

There is no sense remodeling your basement if it proves to be too cold to enjoy. Plan ahead now so your new basement ends up feeling just as good as it looks. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to bring heat to your basement remodel.

Use Your Current Heating System

Rely on your existing heating system to warm your basement and it will be necessary to add air vents as well as ductwork to feed off the main heating unit. This is certainly possible yet it might cost more money and prove to be a larger project than you prefer. Also, consider the fact that ductwork has to be cleaned periodically to eliminate dirt, dust, allergens, mold and other particles. Furthermore, the ductwork might be visible from all vantage points in the basement. If you don’t want to see ductwork, opt for one of the heating solutions outlined below.

Add a Fireplace

Have a gas fireplace installed in your basement and it will keep you nice and toasty while providing aesthetic appeal to boot. If your basement does not have a chimney connected, you can still install a ventless fireplace.

Radiant Heat

Install radiant heat beneath your basement floor and you will stay warm throughout the winter. This is quite the interesting heating technology as it actually warms the floor right beneath your feet. Think back to all those times when your feet have been absolutely frigid during the winter. Wouldn’t it be nice to have heat coming up to them straight from the floor? Opt for radiant heat and you will enjoy such comfort.

A Wood Pellet Stove

Opt for a wood pellet stove and you won’t have to worry about gas or electricity. This stove burns wood pellets and sends warm air across the entirety of the basement with a fan. This heating solution requires the addition of vent stoves along the exterior. If you don’t mind a retro look, a wood pellet stove is right up your alley. It is a throwback to yesteryear, energy efficient and reliable.

Have Hardwired Baseboard Heating Installed

Baseboard heaters that are hardwired right into the electrical system provide heating as desired. Each portion of the basement can have a distinct baseboard heater that is controlled by a specific thermostat. The only downside to this heating option is baseboard heaters typically occupy wall space that could be used for other purposes. However, if your basement is not egregiously small, this should not be an issue.

Flexible Spot Heating Through Plug-in Baseboard Heat

The plug-in variety of electric baseboard heaters look just like the hard-wired version. However, the advantage to this style of heating is portability. You can plug it in wherever desired. So if you are playing guitar in the corner of the basement, plug in the baseboard heater in that area and you won’t have to heat the remainder of the room. This is not to say plug-in baseboard heating provides minimal heat. These heaters disperse warmth quite well, especially when compared to diminutive space heaters. The only negative is the plug-in baseboard heater will rest on the floor rather than the wall. If you have ample space, this is certainly an option worth considering.

Consider all Options Before Making a Commitment

Take some time to analyze each of these heating options before making a decision. Weigh the pros and cons of each, ranging from cost to noise, aesthetics and beyond. Pick the heat source that suits your unique basement and this newly remodeled space will prove nice and cozy even during those brutally cold winter nights. If you want to know options that will fit your unique basement, contact Majestic Home Solutions today!

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