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Finished Basement Plumbing Needs

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Finished Basement Plumbing Needs

There are a lot of different paths you can take when it comes to remodeling your basement–especially if it’s still unfinished when you start. Although odds are you’ll be more concerned with the main elements of your basement remodel, there’s one thing that you need to consider and that’s whether you need to install new plumbing. If you’re planning on adding a bathroom to the basement, then you will definitely need to invest in some plumbing work.

Reasons to Add a Bathroom

You may not have thought about putting a bathroom in your basement space, but you should consider it. The following are a few reasons to add a bathroom to your basement remodel:

  • Provide guests with privacy – If you’re turning your basement into an additional bedroom that guests can use when they stay the night, then adding a bathroom can help them feel much more comfortable due to the privacy it affords. You may even want to install a shower, especially if your first-floor bathroom doesn’t have a shower or tub. This way, they don’t have to go all the way up to the second floor to take a shower.
  • Keep the first floor clear – If you turn your basement into a second living room or entertainment room and you have a lot of friends over for whatever reason, then a bathroom in the basement will benefit everyone else in your household. This is because there won’t be a constant stream of traffic from the basement up to the first floor, which means that anyone in your household trying to enjoy their peace and quiet won’t be disturbed.
  • Improve your home value – Finishing your basement is going to add value to your home no matter what, but adding a bathroom to the basement space should provide another bump in value. Not only does the basement become more attractive to potential buyers, but the number of total bathrooms will increase, which is a factor in the price of the house.

Considering Your Basement Plumbing Needs

If you decide to build a bathroom in your basement, then it means that you’ll likely need to have extensive plumbing work done. There are going to be parts of your basement where building your bathroom will be easier to do due to the location near your home’s piping. Getting a plumber into your home to determine where this is can be helpful when it comes to planning your basement remodel.

This way, you can figure out where placing the bathroom will be the most cost-effective but also how much you can expect to pay for plumbing work if you want to build the bathroom in a different part of the basement. However, keep in mind that there are many other factors that may affect the cost of your plumbing. For example, if your basement has a concrete floor, then someone will need to break apart that concrete in order to install drains. This can not only add to the expense of your basement remodeling project but also create a ton of noise.

Some basements already have drains, but this means that you’ll have to build the bathroom where the drains are located. If you don’t want your bathroom in this area, you’ll still have to dig through concrete to install new drains.

New Basement Living Space

Adding a bathroom to your basement space can be hugely beneficial for a number of different reasons. However, there are a number of factors that can affect the cost of the plumbing that you’ll need to consider. For more professional advice concerning your basement remodel, schedule a free consultation with Majestic Home Solutions.

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