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Building the Perfect Man Cave

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Building the Perfect Man Cave

Having your own personal space where you can enjoy your hobbies and hang out with your buddies is something every man would love to have in their home. If you’ve decided to turn that extra bedroom or that unfinished basement into your man cave, then the following are a few ideas that should give you some inspiration:

You can never have too many TVs

While you’ll want a home theater system so that you can watch movies, new episodes of Game of Thrones, and, of course, sports, you may want to think about adding a few extra TVs here and there. This way, you and your friends can watch several games at once. This is particularly helpful if you’re an active fantasy sports player. Extra TVs can also come in handy if you host a video game night, this way your friends don’t all have to share the same TV when playing. If you have a bathroom in your man cave, then you might even want to throw a small TV up on one of the bathroom walls!

Install your own home bar

Having your own home bar is going to useful if you entertain, especially if your man cave is down in the basement. You won’t want to have to go up to the kitchen every time you need a new drink, after all. Besides, your significant other may not be too happy about all of your friends constantly coming in and out of the kitchen to refill their beverages. When building your bar, go all out and replicate an actual bar with a countertop and stools.

Add plenty of seating

While a man cave is great for spending some time on your own, odds are you’ll want to have friends over to hang out in your man cave. Make sure you have plenty of seating options, including a couch or two, a few sofa chairs, and some additional seating that you can pull out when needed, such as regular chairs and stools.

Supplement your home theater system

While your home theater system will most likely be the central focus of your man cave, you should supplement it with other entertainment options. If you have the space, consider adding a pool table, a foosball table, or a ping pong table. This will give your friends who aren’t as into sports something to do while everyone watches the game and will keep everyone busy during halftime as well.

Use a theme to decorate your man cave

The man cave should reflect your interests, so decorate it using a theme that’s personal to you. For example, if you’re a Detroit Pistons fan, throw up some framed jerseys or posters of your favorite players, whether it’s legends like Isiah Thomas or newer players, like Blake Griffin. You could even paint the walls using your favorite team’s colors.

Of course, you’re not just limited to sports. You could go with a video game theme if you’re a hardcore gamer or a car theme if you’re into cars. It’s your man cave, so do with it what you want!

These are just a few ideas that you can use to create your ultimate man cave. For more advice on designing and building a man cave in your home or for general information about our remodeling services, be sure to contact us at Majestic Home Solutions today.

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