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Do This Before Finishing Your Basement

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Before You Finish Your Basement

A basement area offers an excellent way to significantly expand the living space of a home. Still, it needs to be done correctly or your space will not be used and your investment will be wasted.

Here a few suggestions on how to get the most out of your remodeling dollars and create a truly usable space:

Adding Outside Access

If your home is located on a slope, a sliding glass door can immediately lead the basement to a level backyard space. Alternatively, basements that are below-grade can also be accessed with a set of stairs – not the ones inside the house but another set that directly connects to the outside.

In either case, the basement space becomes far more usable because of its direct access to outdoors.

Lighting The Area Properly

By their very nature, basement spaces are not normally built to be infused with natural light. Still, adding a few well-positioned windows can add an enormous feeling of space if sunlight is introduced into your space.

In a similar vein, a basement space should be well-ventilated and incorporate a ceiling as high as possible to avoid the feeling of claustrophobia.

Avoiding Water Infiltration

Basements are typically built for a very practical reason – to keep the foundation of the house above the frost line. Unfortunately, this means that the walls and floor of a basement are subjected to a constant onslaught of water infiltration.

With a finished basement, it is necessary to install such things as French drains and sump pumps to deal with this problem.

Including Some Additional Plumbing

Most often, a finished basement ends up as an entertainment space. For this reason, it is a good idea to add additional plumbing. A simple sink and a toilet area the most obvious places to start.

In addition, the more ambitious homeowner can consider such options as a wine cooler, an ice maker or a wet bar. All of these options are designed to make the space more usable without having to intrude on the main space of the home.

Making It Functional

Most folks have kids and aim to make the basement space as kid-friendly as possible. While this is a laudable goal, adults can also use the space. Creating a home theater space or poker room are two other ways to multi-task the area. It also allows you to keep the mess of entertaining friends out of the main parts of the house.

Building Some Extra Guest Space

It is usually possible to spare a little space in the basement to create a private guest area. This is especially valuable if there are a kitchen, a bathroom, and an entertainment room also available on the floor.

In fact, in many cases, the basement can serve as very comfortable guest quarters.

In a similar vein, a college-age child or parent can also be given the space to allow a certain degree of privacy while they live in the house.

For further information on what you need to think about before finishing your basement, please contact us at Majestic Home Solutions today. We can be found online at MajesticHomeSolutions.com or you can reach us directly at 866.529.3099.

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