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Add An In-Law Suite To Your Basement

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In law Suite To Basement

The idea of turning a basement into a suite for in-laws might seem like a nightmare to some people. For others, such a project is a creative way to help out family members in need of assistance. If you decide to turn your basement into an in-law suite, here is exactly what to focus on to make the most of this transformation project.

Focus on Lighting

The average basement tends to be a bit dreary as it has few windows. The fact that the limited windows tend to be quite small makes matters worse. Lighting has the potential to be a problem unless you plan ahead. Provide your in-laws with as much natural lighting as possible by clearing out spaces near windows. Natural light from these windows along with ambient lighting will keep this space as bright and cheery as possible. Light lifts the spirit, facilitates computer use and makes reading that much easier. Keep in mind your in-laws might be dealing with some vision issues as they age so be sure to provide ample lighting across the entirety of the space.


Safety is of the utmost importance for live-in parents. Safety features range from railings to specially configured stairs, stair lifts, wide walkways and beyond. When in doubt, ask for assistance from the basement remodel design professionals to guarantee you have a completely safe basement for your in-laws. After all, building codes vary so there will be nuanced requirements for fire, safety, emergency exits, etc.

The Issue of Accessibility

The basement living space should be easily accessible. Your in-laws should be able to enter and exit the bathroom and other areas with ease. As an example, modern bathrooms are currently being constructed based on the concept of universal design that provides nuanced features for people regardless of their physical abilities or age.

Though the universal design is not appropriate for every single person who has limited mobility, it is certainly appealing in a number of regards. As an example, your in-laws should be able to walk into a large shower that does not have curbs or other flaws to get in the way.

Your in-laws will also appreciate subtleties like the addition of a hand shower to make washing those tough-to-reach spaces that much easier. Accessibility is improved that much more with minimalist countertops and vanities with rounded corners that allow for quick and easy movement, access and retrieval.

Your In-laws’ Basement Suite Should be Private

Privacy is one of the top considerations when deciding whether to renovate the basement into a suite for the in-laws. Make this space is truly private and it will make the entire home that more enjoyable for everyone. As an example, soundproofing the basement suite will make it that much easier to retain privacy. This way, your in-laws can play the TV loudly and it will not wake up or bother those above.

Lifestyle and Independence

Though older people tend to be lonely, they still crave independence. Build an in-law suite in your basement and it will serve as a comfortable space for your in-laws to live however they desire without relying on you for consistent assistance. This is the freedom both you and your in-laws need to live in the same house without major conflicts.

Your In-law Suite is Only Limited by Your Imagination

The features detailed above are only a few examples of how to create a highly unique in-law suite your family will love. Spend a little bit of time brainstorming your new in-law suite and you will end up with a space your family is truly proud to call home. If you are interested in learning more about how to turn your basement into an in-law suite, contact the basement remodeling experts at Majestic Home Solutions today.

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