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8 Basment Remodeling Tips

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8 Basment Remodeling Tips


If your basement is unfinished, then you should strongly consider investing in a basement remodel. Your basement can provide a lot of function to your home instead of being used as just a temporary storage space. If you’re thinking about finishing your basement, then the following are eight tips to consider to help you get the most out of your basement remodeling project:

  1. Finish the walls – Most basement walls are nothing more than poured concrete or stacked concrete blacks. This does not lend well to a comfortable living area. Consider using plywood, drywall or paneling to cover the concrete walls, thereby giving the basement a much warmer ambiance.
  2. Finish the ceiling – Most basement ceilings have exposed pipes, ductwork, and joists. You’ll make the area feel much more comfortable to be in if you use drywall or paneling to hide these components and add a finished quality to the basement space.
  3. Add windows – If your basement doesn’t have any windows, then you should think about having a few installed. This is still possible even if your basement is completely below ground — all you’ll have to do is to build a window well. Windows are a good idea because they help add some natural light to a space that’s probably on the gloomy side without it. You’ll also be able to bring fresh air into the basement in addition to providing an emergency exit out.
  4. Add better lighting – While adding windows will help improve the lighting situation in your basement a good deal, it won’t be enough. Most basements have very minimal lighting, so make sure to invest in a lighting scheme that will brighten up the area — especially if you’re planning on turning the basement into an additional living room or entertainment space.
  5. Choose comfortable flooring – Just like the walls, odds are the floor will be nothing but a concrete slab. There are plenty of flooring options that you can install over concrete, such as vinyl, tile, laminate, and carpeting. Carpeting can be a good idea since it will help provide some warmth underfoot — and considering the fact that most basements get colder than other parts of the house, a little extra warmth can be a good idea.
  6. Add storage – No matter what you decide to do with your basement, you’re going to need some storage space. While you could simply build some shelves into the walls, consider built-in ceiling-height storage closets that blend into your walls in order to hide potential clutter.
  7. Install a bathroom – Installing a bathroom in the basement makes the space more convenient to use no matter what you turn it into, whether you’re remodeling it into an additional guest bedroom or you’re turning it into a living room or entertainment space. Having to go upstairs to use the bathroom will make using your basement much less convenient.
  8. Build a staircase – The steps up to your home are probably pretty basic. You’ll want to make sure that when you finish your basement, that your stairs are up to code. Additionally, why not put some effort into making the steps look less like basement stairs and more like a staircase that you would find extending from your first floor to your second floor? You may even want to consider moving your basement stairs from where they currently are to a more convenient spot in the basement.

These are eight tips that you should consider if you plan on remodeling your unfinished basement. To schedule a free consultation regarding a basement remodeling project, be sure to contact us at Majestic Home Solutions in Southeast Michigan today.

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